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About the Rheumatologist Directory

How does a physician qualify to be listed?

The following is a list of doctors who have been referred to the Spondylitis Association of America by one or more members of this organization, or have made it known that they have a special interest in spondyloarthritis and would like to be included in this listing. The following criteria are required in order to be included in these pages:

  • Fully licensed to practice medicine in a state of competent jurisdiction
  • Trained in internal medicine or pediatrics
  • Special training in rheumatology

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How often is this list updated?

Although the directory is regularly updated, you may encounter some addresses and phone numbers that are no longer valid. If this happens, please alert us so we may update the listing.

Where can I find a full list of rheumatologists in my area?

An additional resource is The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) membership directory. To search their directory go to the “Find a Rheumatologist” section of the ACR website, at Find a Rheumatologist. The online directory is updated regularly and can be searched by either location or doctor’s name.

Looking for a spondyloarthritis clinic or specialist?

The following is a list of spondyloarthritis clinics and/or practicing rheumatologists recognized with a high level of spondyloarthritisspecific expertise in terms of clinical and research experience. In addition to above criteria for the Rheumatologist Directory, these specialists have been reviewed by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board prior to being added.


Talking to Your Doctor About Spondyloarthritis

This brochure was designed to help you get the most of your rheumatology visit and advocate for yourself and your unique health needs.


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