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Connect with others living with spondyloarthritis!

SAA’s Spondyloarthritis Educational Support Groups

Your network of people living with SpA and taking an active role in managing their disease.

All are welcome, including parents, caregivers, and loved ones of those living with SpA.

Meetings open to everyone – regardless of your zip code/time zone.

Pick ANY meeting by date, state, or time zone, reach out, and join in today!

    • Virtual meetings in a safe and comfortable environment.
    • Confidential connections with others living with spondylitis and related diseases.
    • Pick ANY meeting to reach out and get started!

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For more information, or to start a new support group, please contact Manny Caro at 818-465-4290 or at manny.caro@spondylitis.org.

Connect with Others Living with Spondyloarthritis!

Please note: All third party organizations seeking to recruit people with spondyloarthritis are asked to contact SG@spondylitis.org, or call (818) 892-1616. Please do not contact our support group leaders directly.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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SAA Support Group meetings are open to all, regardless of your location!
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We’d love to have you join our team of passionate volunteers leading our spondylitis educational support groups!
Learn more about how to get started here or reach out to SG@spondylitis.org.

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