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Connect with others living with spondylitis!

SAA’s Spondylitis Educational Support Groups invite you to join our peer network of people with spondylitis who are taking an active role in managing their disease.

Our in person support group meetings provide a safe environment where attendees can engage in confidential, non-judgmental interactions with peers who know what it feels like to live with spondylitis.

Support Group Leaders are prepared with helpful resources to share with attendees on the management of ankylosing spondylitis and related diseases. Many groups bring in occasional speakers such as rheumatologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other wellness professionals to provide group members with practical information, spondylitis education, and disease management resources.

SAA’s volunteer support group leaders live with spondylitis and share a common goal of bringing the community together. They strive to provide support, education, encouragement, and co-create with group members dynamic, supportive, and informative meetings.

Click on a location below to learn about a group in your community; you will find meeting times, location, and contact information for our leaders. We encourage you to take that first step in attending a meeting near you. Contact your local support group leader today!

Please note: All 3rd party organizations seeking to recruit people with spondylitis are asked to contact SG@spondylitis.org, or call (818) 892-1616 and not to contact our support group leaders directly. We appreciate your cooperation.

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Special Topic Support Groups


“Thank you for providing all of this information and the opportunity to share our stories. So good to know one is not alone. I am so grateful SAA exists.”


“Thank you so much for this group. It is wonderful for my husband to attend with me to understand my diagnosis better and how I need to care for myself.”


“This was my first time attending a meeting, and I met a few folks who will soon be friends. I learned more from today’s presenters than I have from my rheumatologist in the past three years.”


Life Hacks For Spondies: A Resource For Support Groups and Spondyloarthritis Patients

What tips and tricks do other spondyloarthritis patients use to optimize everyday tasks such as driving, cooking, and doing laundry? Find out in this handy resource, compiled by members of the SpA community like you. Special thanks to support group leaders Roz Tolliver and Iain McDonald!

No Support Group Near You? Would You Like to Start a New Support Group?

We’d love to have you join our team of passionate volunteers leading our spondylitis educational support groups! Learn more about how to get started here, and reach out to SG@spondylitis.org.


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