Advocacy and Spondylitis

We listen. We care. We do something about it.

Engage with others to make a difference!

SAA’s Advocacy Committee invites you to join our efforts to effect positive change by taking an active role. Stay informed, raise awareness, and contact your elected representatives!

Strategic Priorities:

Join in and become an advocate for people living with spondylitis. Together, we can work to increase public awareness, improve access to health care, increase federal research funding to cure spondylitis, and influence public policies that impact the spondylitis community.

The Spondylitis Association of America (SAA) is the leading nonprofit organization in the United States dedicating its resources to the active support of people living with spondylitis. We strive to bring about increased awareness, education, and research to ensure a better life for all those affected by spondylitis.

  • Promoting earlier diagnosis and treatment of spondylitis
  • Promoting public awareness and education about spondylitis
  • Improving access to appropriate quality health care and medications for all people living with spondylitis
  • Increasing federal funding for spondylitis & arthritis research
  • Affecting public policy that impacts the lives of people living with spondylitis

Committee Members

  • Dr. Robin Dore, MD
  • Victoria Greenberg
  • Dr. Mark Haupt, MD
  • Victoria Killian
  • Sal Marx
  • Mary Ann Poladian
  • Daniel Wilson
  • Sara Shaw


  • Richard Howard, MBA
  • Lisa K. Magno

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