Brandon Robert’s Ultra Runs For SAA!

SAA is honored to be the beneficiary of several upcoming volunteer fundraisers.  Brandon is running in many races coming soon to raise awareness and funds for SAA!  Click the links below to learn more about each race!  To support SAA and Brandon in ALL of his races, please donate via this page!

Brandon’s own words best describe his fundraisers!

My name is Brandon Robert and I live with ankylosing spondylitis. I was diagnosed 6 years ago now and have begun an all-out full-scale mission to always stay one step ahead of this disease by seeing just how far I can go. I hope to inspire as many people with or without AS to get out there and see what they can do. We are ALL capable of so much more than we realize.

I am currently on a journey to discover what MY true limits are despite living with AS. Hopefully seeing my journey into the unknown will inspire you to start your own. Remember, what stands in the way, becomes the way.

Get to know Brandon Robert

When was I diagnosed?
Do you take medication?
What does your diet consist of?
What is your current activity level?
What was your activity level pre-diagnosis?
What would you say to someone who was just diagnosed with AS?


You are not alone! Spend time with Kyle Settles and Brandon Robert as they share about their fundraising race projects, mental/physical health and living with AS.