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Research Interview on Delayed Diagnosis

RAND IRB Approval # 2023-N0372

BACK-OFF JSpA: Can Medications Used for Juvenile Spondyloarthritis be Spaced or Stopped?

Study design:

Study participants will be randomly assigned to one of three groups:

The study will last 12 months and will include visits with your regular rheumatologist every three months. You’ll be asked to fill out surveys at each appointment and may have the opportunity to participate in two optional blood draws and MRI scans. Once the initial 12 months of the active study period ends, you’ll be asked to continue to fill out surveys for up to 24 additional months as follow up.

How to enroll:

Enrollment will take place at one of 21 participating pediatric healthcare systems. Ask your rheumatologist or research coordinator about signing up!

Thank you for considering taking part in the BACK-OFF JSpA Study!

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