axSpA Patient Journey

An Interactive Map

Receiving a diagnosis of axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) and learning to live with the disease can be complicated. For many, the journey may be fraught with hurdles. 

To convey the complexity of living with axSpA, we invited members of our community to participate in a series of interviews and discussions. The infographic below offers a visual representation of their stories.

Where do you find yourself on the interactive path? Click on each stage of the journey to learn more. Your own journey may look different; we invite you to share your story with us at

AxSpA Patient Journey Pre-Diagnosis and Early Treatment Diagnosis Access to Care Treatment Living with AxSpA Mental Health Finding your Community
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Wherever you are on your axSpA journey, SAA has resources to help you cope, find hope, and live better with SpA. We provide the latest news and information on the understanding, treatment, and management of axSpA. We foster community and connection through our national network of support groups. Our goal is to provide useful resources that reflect what you are experiencing today, and to help you become empowered to live your best life into the future.

Thank you to the members of our community who candidly shared their experiences and to our partners at Novartis for collaborating on this project.