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- Rob Overbaugh, MD -
Interviewed by Rose Bigham

Pain in SpA: Overview of Possible Causes and a Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management

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- Uta Kiltz, MD -
Interviewed by Don Markham

SpA Complications, Related Conditions

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- Angelo Papachristos, PT -
Interviewed by Rose Bigham

Physical Therapy and Exercise: Best Practices and not-so-best Practices

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- Mark Fisher, MD -
Interviewed by Don Markham

Diet & Nutrition for SpA

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- John D. Reveille, MD -
Interviewed by Rose Bigham

Latest SpA Research: Updates from Around the World

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- Hillary Norton, MD -
Interviewed by Liz Maines

Medications: Navigating Medical Management of SpA

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Summit Committee Members

  • Jo Davies
  • Steve Lee, MD
  • John Reveille, MD
  • Dawn Gibson
  • Helena Marzo-Ortega, MD
  • Judy Smith, MD
  • Richard Howard
  • Andri Phoka
  • Howard Tevelson
  • Michael Weisman, MD
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