Meetings offer education, encouragement, emotional support, and allow for open discussion about managing and living with spondyloarthritis.

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  • TBD

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  • Wichita Public Library
    223 N. Main
    Wichita, KS, 67202

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Shannon McClain

Shannon McClain

About Shannon, Wichita's Support Group Leader

For years I was in severe pain, hopeless, not able to complete my nursing degree, and was told it was all in my head. After seeing various doctors, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with AS in 2016. There was some relief in knowing there’s a name for what I have but after researching what AS truly means, afterward I was devastated. i was stubborn at first refusing to take any biologic. After a falling incident a CT scan revealed some sacroiliac fusing. Just then I realized the seriousness of having AS. Currently I am managing my AS with a biologic, eating a plant-based diet, receiving both physical and aquatic therapy. Going for walks in the fresh air and sunshine is very helpful. Feeling so alone I wanted to find a support group here in Wichita, KS and wasn’t able to locate one. That’s when I reached out to SAA. I was told there’s no support groups at all in Kansas. That’s when I decided to become a leader of a support group in Wichita, KS. My goal for those with various forms of Spondylitis, is to bring us together to share our experiences.We’re warriors fighting this disease together. Who can lift each other up with comforting hearts.

Shannon is a single mother of three and lives in Wichita, KS. She loves gardening, speaking engagements, and she loves cooking. She’s a good listener and she loves meeting new people.

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