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Phone Toll Free Number: (800) 777-8189

2020 Global Spondyloarthritis Summit

This year's 2020 Global Spondyloarthritis Summit featured 12 international experts presenting on topics such as pain management, advances in treatment options, diet & nutrition, exercise, progress in research, medicinal cannabis, and more.

Through the end of May, you can still register to view archived presentations at no cost. Presentation are strongly recommended for anyone impacted by spondyloarthritis, whether it’s you or a loved one.

Presenters for 2020 include:

- Dr. Daniel Clauw -
Interviewed by Michael Mallinson

Exploring Pain Management Options

- Dr. Nigil Haroon -
Interviewed by Michael Mallinson

Exploring Common Theories

Dr. James Rosenbaum & Registered Dietician Sarah Simental
Interviewed by Roselyn Tolliver

Diet & Nutrition - The Great Evidence Discussion

- Dr. Ruben Burgos Vargas -
Interviewed by Roselyn Tolliver

Overview of Back Pain

- Dr. Liz Maines -
Interviewed by Zach Kornfeld, The Try Guys

Thriving with a Chronic Illness

- Dr. Maxime Dougados -
Interviewed by Zach Kornfeld, The Try Guys

Overview of the Full Family of SpA

- Dr. Alvin Wells -
Interviewed by Rob Wicall

Medicinal Cannabis

- Dr. Atul Deodhar -
Interviewed by Raj Mahapatra

Treatment in SpA: A Review in Case Studies

Dr. Xenofon Baraliakos
Interviewed by Raj Mahapatra

Novel Treatments: Fact or Fiction

- Tami Grunitzky, DPT -
Interviewed by Dawn Gibson

Exercise & Physical Therapy Recommendations

- Dr. Joerg Ermann -
Interviewed by Dawn Gibson

Innovations & Progress in SpA Research

- Dr. John Reveille -

Understanding Spondyloarthritis Around the Globe

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"Excellent. Helps to have watched them all. Technical terms make it good to be able to stop and rewind and listen again to content – review an occasional term before listening on. Quite a comprehensive series of talks to help us all get info and realistic hopes for the future. Warmest thanks to your informed interviewers and to the bright doctors and researchers for sharing their knowledge!"
- Ruth
"I just want to say thank you to SAA and the sponsors and everyone participating. This conference is fantastic. First of all, it is so helpful. Secondly, I am glad it is virtual and I am at home because one or two things were upsetting to discover (diagnosed 10 months ago and still learning everything). Thank you everyone!"
- Lesley
"Some early feedback: The session Treatment in SpA: A Review in Case Studies with Dr. Atul Deodhar was fabulously informative, well structured, and easy to understand! MORE like this, please!"
- John
"Thank you again, SAA team. This Summit is incredibly helpful. I just finished watching Dr. Dougados’ interview. I wish more doctors would have his approach of taking time to teach the patients. Very informative!"
- Miriam
"As a newly diagnosed patient, I just wanted to say thank you for hosting and putting this together. It was informative."
- Tonya
"I’m really enjoying the videos. There’s a lot of good information in them."
- Jeff
"Thank you so much for taking the time to help us and answer questions."
- Lindsey
"I could really relate to so many of the topics today. Loved the part where Dr. Maines talked about green exercise and definitely incorporate that into my weekly routine."
- Richard
"Really grateful for Dr. Dougados’ presentation with his emphasis on both patient and medical personnel education. Reminded me of my first experience with AS and the medical community as a nursing student. Severe back pain; all joints inflamed; bed-ridden in the hospital – very embarrassing! I was supposed to be a caregiver, not a care-receiver! Docs thought I had RA, but blood tests were negative; next thought: “You look as though you might have this other type of arthritis, but women don't get it.” Took huge doses of aspirin for decades until finally diagnosed by a rheumatologist and put in touch with SAA. Dr. Dougados, YES – education of the medical community!!"
- Laura

Summit Committee Members

  • Jo Davies
  • Steve Lee, MD
  • John Reveille, MD
  • Dawn Gibson
  • Helena Marzo-Ortega, MD
  • Judy Smith, MD
  • Richard Howard
  • Andri Phoka
  • Howard Tevelson
  • Michael Weisman, MD

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