Faces of AS

Face 1119

My name is Melissa and I am 24. I have suffered from AS for an estimated five years, though I was only diagnosed two years ago.

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ByKevin Stevenson

Face 1214

I began experiencing symptoms around the age of 23. Although I had periodically experienced symptoms prior to then, my first distinct memory was when my roommate, some friends and I went to the movies.

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ByAmy Hicks

Face 1243

I first began having pain in my very early 20s. I went to my primary doctor, who told me it was a pulled muscle, gave me pain pills and sent me on my way with a “come…

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ByAmber Panagos

Face 0058

Amber Panagos Although my diagnosis is new my disease is not. I’ve had chronic back pain since my early 20’s and it’s been slowly progressing ever since. By the time I hit 30 I refused to accept…

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ByRichard Howard

Face 1001

Richard Howard 9 Days. The approximate number of pain free days in the last 24 years. One would think that I would know for sure how many days. The pains are 24 hours/day. Well, perhaps not 24…

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ByMichael Smith

Face 0405

Michael Tracy Smith My name is Michael Tracy Smith (a.k.a. Spenser23) I am a Face of AS. This is my story. I was in a stairwell in 30 Rock, (the building, not the sitcom), when I first…

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