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Tell A Story with SAA Storytellers, Your Stories on Stage! Send Us Your Story Pitch!

Thank you for your interest in being a part of SAA Storytellers, Your Stories on Stage! SAA is always looking for those in the spondyloarthritis community to tell their story (patients, caregivers, medical personnel, and friends of the community – all are welcome!).

SAA Storytellers, Your Stories on Stage is a virtual community storytelling show that is an extension of the community stories featured in our quarterly newsmagazine, Spondylitis Plus.

Stories do not have to be only about spondyloarthritis (although that is fine!). SAA is asking that tellers weave living with spondyloarthritis into the story however it feels natural. (Even seemingly normal and “quiet” stories can have impact!)

Suggested story ideas can include family, growing up, how spondyloarthritis has affected one’s life, remembering a loved one, starting a new business, traveling, lessons learned – these stories should be a gift to the audience. Stories should be happy, challenging, inspiring, celebratory, tender, hopeful – they are all welcome. These are real stories about you from your life!

We hope you will join us and help SAA build empathy and connection through the power of story! We look forward to hearing from you!


Stay tuned for the upcoming SAA Storytellers, Your Stories on Stage, a virtual community storytelling show arriving later in 2023, where five members of the SpA community will share personal stories about spondyloarthritis that will inspire, entertain, and connect you to likeminded peers. We can’t wait to see you there!


Storytellers will be provided with story coaching and check-in sessions.

Storytellers will record their story with SAA in an online studio. The prerecorded stories are then presented live at the show. Storytellers attend the show online for a quick interview, chat about the story with the host and interact with comments from the audience.


Your 6–8-minute story must be true and mostly about you.

Telling a story with SAA Storytellers must not compromise your ability to work or damage the reputation of anyone in the community.

Stories are not TED Talks, instructional or meant to sell anything.

Stories are about change, what happened to you? Stories need to have a beginning, middle and an end. What is the conflict? How does it end? How have you grown, changed?

Contact Sean Ewert at SAA with your storytelling pitch or question:

Sean Ewert


We welcome your feedback!  Take our post SAA Storytellers presentation survey!

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Donations by members of the SAA, including our corporate member(s) below, sponsored this program.