Banding Together

New Jersey Station Hosts 15th Annual Virtual Benefit Concert for the Spondylitis Association Of America

“Your #1 Source For All Things In New Jersey’s Local Original Music Scene,”, continues its annual Banding Together: Benefit For The Spondylitis Association Of America, bringing together some of the best local indie musicians from around the Garden State.

On October 14th through 16th, over 40 artists will perform 30 minute sets of their music live on’s internet radio station.
The artists traverse a gambit of genres from easy listening to punk rock, and all sorts of genres in between.

During these times when enhanced safety protocols are necessary at live concerts, the Banding Together webathon is unique in that it is strictly virtual, so you can hear it from the comfort of your own home, and all artists will be performing remotely.

Spondylitis is a genetic rheumatoid arthritic condition that causes inflammation and fusion in the vertebrae of the spine. To date, has raised over ten thousand dollars for the cause, and raised awareness of the genetic disease, which the Centers For Disease Control says affects more than 2.7 million adults in the US.

“It means so much to me that we are able to do this benefit for the Spondylitis Association Of America each year,” says Lazlo, the founder of and the organizer of Banding Together. “My wife was diagnosed with spondylitis 15 years ago. I have watched the debilitating effects of this disease and the chronic pain and discomfort it causes.”

Throughout the broadcast people will be able to donate to the Spondylitis Association Of America (SAA) and download an exclusive compilation of previously unreleased songs. All money raised will go directly to the Spondylitis Association Of America (SAA) to fund research and provide the programs and services the spondylitis community has come to rely on.

Artists scheduled to perform during the Banding Together Webathon

  • Amanda Rose Riley
  • Antonie Poncelet Band
  • Carmen Sclafani (Wiser Time)
  • Catherine Wacha
  • Christian Beach
  • Commons 2
  • Cyborg Amok
  • Dan Sped & The Carpool To Oblivion
  • Deena & Jon (The Cucumbers)
  • Diego Allessandro
  • Don Lee, erase:rewind,
  • Ferocious Designs
  • Greg McGarvey
  • Happy Joe Canzano
  • Jack McManus from Nick and the Leg-Heavy Boys
  • Jason Didner
  • Jeff DeVito
  • Joe Billy
  • Josh Bicknell
  • Mark Parker
  • Matt Colligan
  • Motherface
  • Pearl Manhattan
  • Sean Faust
  • Shotgun Bill
  • Sonofdov, Teen Idle
  • The Fisherman & The Sea
  • The Maravines
  • The Mighty Alrighty
  • The Wag, Tim and Brian
  • Tony Tedesco
  • Yupanki


(Artists performing are subject to change)

This year’s digital compilation, which will be available by donating to the Spondylitis Association Of America. The compilation includes previously unreleased songs from:

The compilation will be available to download in October by donating to the Spondylitis Association of America.

The Spondylitis Association Of America (SAA) is a non-profit organization that was the first and remains the largest resource for people affected by spondylitis. Through their efforts, they help advance education, research and treatment for ankylosing spondylitis
(AS) and related diseases. For more than 35 years SAA has dedicated all of its resources to help improve the lives of people coping with spondylitis. is “Where NJ Rock Lives”. In December they will be celebrating 21 years as a website & Internet radio station supporting New Jersey’s local, original music scene by playing predominantly unsigned New Jersey bands. For more information on Banding Together & go to

Banding Together 2022 Compilation Track Listing:

Yupanki – ” The Conjuring Word (Demo) “

Jason Didner – ” I’m Not The Wind Beneath Your Wings (featuring Alana Q) “

Pat Veil – ” Fireflies in Summer Skies “

Happy Joe Canzano – ” Love Song for the Apocalypse “

Laree Cisco – ” Dear Lord “

Catherine Wacha – ” Tell Me I’m Crying “

Shariese Katrell with Diego Allessandro – ” Come the Morning “

Ferocious Designs – ” Home Again (Sandy, 10 Years Later) “

Shotgun Bill with the Tango Kid – ” The Best is Yet to Come (Studio Version 1) “

10 Bruce Tunkel – ” It’s Not Too Bad “

11 Dansped & The Carpool To Oblivion – ” Empty Balloon “

12 jpeck – ” What Am I Afraid Of “

13 Pearl Manhattan – ” Something Different “

14 Tim and Brian – ” Mmm Hmm “

15 The Random Hubiak – ” Light on By the Sea [Full Version] “

16 Katye Kellye & The Interruption – ” When You Still Loved Me (Rough Mix) “

17 RP – ” This City “

18 Diego Allessandro – ” I Wanna Be The One “

19 Amanda Rose Riley – ” Thirst “

20 Mark Parker – ” You never shut up (acoustic-ish) “

21 The Fisherman & The Sea – ” Scream Into The Void (Live) “

22 Tony Tedesco & Sean David Cuningham – ” CSW “

23 Little Dipper – ” Clones “

24 The Maravines – ” Recall, and Return “

25 Cyborg Amok – ” Fire Dance (live from GABWorx, Studio B) “

26 Them Hounds – ” Pouring Paint “

27 erase:rewind – ” A Guide To Self Help In Three Chords (Demo) “

28 Jason Michael – ” You Look Like A Stagehand (Abandoned Version) “

29 Greg McGarvey – ” High Falls, December (Instrumental) “

30 Deena – ” Time Isn’t Pretty “

31 The Mighty Alrighty – ” Green Thumb Girl (Live From The Old Deck) “

32 LEAVETAKING – ” Music Box (2022) “

33 Smallpox – ” Sweetest Thing “

34 Frank Patrouch – ” Drive “

35 Josh Bicknell – ” I Will Learn to Love the Way That Nothing Quite Works Out “

Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive a code to download the compilation. Codes will be sent within one business day.

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